Left Wine 2019

We hit the infamous Si Paradiso in Perth earlier this year for the return of Left Wine.

Left Wine is perhaps our most treasured event concept. It champions the cutting edge of Australian wine: the alternatives, the experimental stuff, the obscurities and the oddities. In understanding that it’s often around the fringes of a culture where creativity thrives, Left Wine is all about progression.

As a late-night party venue boasting an alarmingly tasty menu, Si Paradiso has fast become a pivotal hub in Perth’s energetic wine scene. On a warm, clear-blue afternoon in May, 2019, the terraced amphitheatre in Highgate opened its doors to a crowd of curious drinkers (and a few chin strokers) eager to raise up a selection of winemakers, and one high-octane importer of French delights, from across Australia. The lineup alone, was truly something to behold.

Our mate, Dave Cosford AKA MC LO-FI bossed the stage, hosting a series of jovial Open-Air Forums throughout the afternoon. As dusk approached, Dave awarded the almighty Pink Fist trophies to the crowd’s most adored wines in show:

  • The Tasty Award ‘Simply, the most delicious wine’ 2018 Brave New Wine ‘Doppelganger’ Riesling+
  • The Obscure Award ‘Weird, but f**k I love it’ 2019 VHS ‘Spring’ Creaming Soda
  • The Left Award ‘The overall favourite, most voted wine’ 2018 VHS ‘Ballad Of The Broken Boy & Beyond: Intermission’ Gewurztraminer+

Huge thanks to Alex Hotel, our partners, for their tremendous hospitality and ongoing support. Thanks also to Plumm for cradling the experience, and finally to Si Paradiso and their powerhouse team for pulling the day together in such fine form.