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  • PYJAMA Party Wine Night

    10 June 2020

    The world’s first rolling pyjama party… with winemakers! Together with a 3-pack of their latest and most delicious wines (delivered safely to your door for $79) we’re releasing a series of exclusive 45min episodes with some of Australia’s favourite independent winemakers in their PJs.

  • A Feature Interview with Paul Hoffman

    22 May 2020

    Swan Valley Wines are pioneers in the resuscitation of Australia’s second oldest wine region. History, as it pertains to the relentless pursuit of authenticity and narrative in wine, is something you just can’t fake, and the Swan has got plenty.

  • The critic and the comic: Mike Bennie and Merrick Watts raise a toast to the beloved sausage roll

    22 April 2020

    For their first column, Mike Bennie (the critic) and Merrick Watts (the comic) discuss the finer points of the great Australian bite and get into a fizz over the drink that suits. MB: I love takeaway food and matching drinks to it. It’s right in my strike zone. MW: I love sausage rolls. They’re a […]

  • Erin Larkin- Chenin. So much Yes.

    22 April 2020
    Erin Larkin

    Local: In A Time Where Nothing Has Ever Mattered More. The Swan And Its Chenin Through The Lens Of Vino Volta, Kosovich, Corymbia And Swan Valley Wines.

  • Gourmet Traveller Swan Valley Focus April May 2020

    1 April 2020

    Swan Valley THE SWAN VALLEY has a bit of an image problem: to some it’s too traditional and locked in its past, and to others, well, it just doesn’t register. It’s a chorus I hear from winemakers and people working the vineyards located on the outer edges of Perth. But a new guard is emerging, […]

  • Swan Valley Wines focus

    26 March 2020

    SWAN VALLEY, UGLY DUCKLING NO MORE… – 2020 TOP 50 WINEMAKERS FEATURE Western Australia’s Swan Valley is Australia’s second oldest wine region, a treasure-trove of old vines, history and rich cultural connections, yet it is barely recognised by those not from the west. And for those more familiar, the wines are typically seen as more […]

  • Gourmet Traveller Awards ‘Best Tasting Experience’ 2019 & 2020

    10 March 2020

    Swan Valley Freshly pressed olive oil and seasonal fruit from roadside stalls offer wonderful quality and some of the Valley’s great bargains. For excitement, look for wineries challenging the norm with varieties new to the region or wines sourced from ancient vines. Look too, for the new generation challenging established ideas. Mandoon Estate STAR WINERY […]

  • Our winemaker Paul Hoffman Young Gun Of Wine ‘Best New Act’ winner 2019

    4 June 2019

    VALLÉE DU VENOM Rhys Parker and his best mate, Paul Hoffman, have had remarkably similar career paths. The pair grew up as neighbours, both filling in pocket money gaps with work at Paul’s parents’ winery in the Swan Valley, a wild and semi-abandoned affair that Paul’s dad, Peter, bought in 1986 and pulled back from […]

  • Left Wine 2019

    11 May 2019

    We hit the infamous Si Paradiso in Perth earlier this year for the return of Left Wine. Left Wine is perhaps our most treasured event concept. It champions the cutting edge of Australian wine: the alternatives, the experimental stuff, the obscurities and the oddities. In understanding that it’s often around the fringes of a culture where creativity thrives, Left Wine is all about progression.