1. We will endeavour to service your order to the best of our ability, however we are only able to perform online sales for a minimum order of six bottles. Due to packaging constraints, the postage will be the same as for 12 bottles. For orders of less than 6 bottles, please visit our cellar door.
  2. Returns: In the rare event that our product is agreed by all parties to be defective, customer is entitled to a full refund including shipping costs. This does not apply to packaging defects, or to defects arising from poor handling of the goods.
  3. We will endeavour to ensure the timely delivery of orders, however we cannot guarantee a minimum delivery time.
  4. Natural wines are more sensitive to poor handling. We will endeavour to package our more sensitive products in a way in which the quality is maintained, but we accept no liability for packaging failure during transit.
  5. Alcohol is a product for people aged 18 years and over. We accept no liability for unauthorised use of our product by people under the legal drinking age in your State or Territory.