“Swan Valley Wines” is the trade mark of the Hoffman family, premium wine producers in the Swan Valley Region of Western Australia.

Vine cuttings accompanied Captain Stirling on settlement in 1829. Soon viticulture became the mainstay of many a settler family, a practice that has continued to this day.
The Hoffman family has realized a vision of conserving and sustaining the early winemaking traditions and today makes wine from some of the oldest vines in the State.
Concerns with climate change and environmental issues has seen the family return to the earliest cultural and winemaking practices, embracing natural fermentation using indigenous yeast, with minimal intervention and aging in French oak puncheons. This has resulted in wines that require minimal technical input and are more resilient to changes in temperature, with added elegance and complexity.
Witness it yourself! Taste the evolving nature of our wines and long life to you.
– Peter Hoffman

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